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Laconstructa Group has completed contracts in excess of Qr. 2.51 Billion. We take pride in achieving the best results in all of our projects, all of which are completed on schedule to the highest standard.

Construction and Engineering are often chaotic businesses and the stakes involved- particularly the financial stakes, are often high .

The very nature of these industries is such that risk is fundamental to the process, however, the only risk worth taking are those that have been identified and then minimized wherever possible, those risks that remain must therefore be well managed.

La Constructa Group , improves and enhances the project management and the financial performance of it's construction and engineering clients by satisfying the basic objectives;

  • Providing the best project management aspects.
  • Obtaining maximum profit for clients.
  • Safeguarding the client's contractual and commercial interests.
  • Providing the highest quality service at a competitive price.

A financially successful construction or engineering project requires more than just professional approach . This should be seen as the absolute minimum .

It is wholly insufficient to presume that a traditional service will be enough to satisfy today's commercial client , because as revenues and margins shrink, client expect and deserve more .

Consequently , clients rightly expect their project management consultant to make a proactive and significant contribution to the profit margin of a project.

In short, it's this quality of service which counts today, and LGC aims to provide it's client with nothing less than a first class.

The Company has earned a reputation for it's unique and innovative approach to providing strategic solutions to engineering and construction problems, meeting the demands of the clients with already high expectations, providing a portfolio of professional management support services and operating across the local Qatari construction market .

LGC addresses the challenges involved in the construction and engineering process. It does so by focusing on the client's individual business objectives and by providing a bespoke approach enabling capital projects to be completed on schedule and within budget . And, with an emphasis on quality of service, the LCG is recognized for it's professional ''can – do'' attitude.

As a provider of professional Management consultancy services, LGC meets the specific business objectives of each client by delivering solutions to a multitude of challenges , it does that through; the use of intellect and well-managed strategy in preference to the use of large numbers of unmanaged personnel .
  • clarity of thought and the ability to derive solution through lateral thinking.
  • using a high caliber of motivated management and staff.
  • providing excellent backup resources in related disciplines.
  • thinking and working as a team.
  • exercising absolute discretion and confidentiality in every instances.

LGC's proven track record of successful project Management and it's enhanced ability to recover troubled projects in the Qatari construction market had given privilege LGC as being of the leading project management companies dedicated to serving the interest of the construction and engineering industries in Qatar .

LACONSTRUCTA GROUP CO. is a dynamic and progressive organization that has grown to become a market leader in its industry.

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